I’m native to the San Francisco East Bay, currently residing in the suburbs just outside of Chicago. I met my husband in college (we grew up 15 minutes apart but had to attend college 300 miles away before actually meeting!) and in 2009 we embarked on a 7 year adventure of living in the Pacific Northwest before transferring back to the San Francisco Bay Area once again in 2017. In fall 2019 we are starting a new adventure in the greater Chicago area and couldn't be more excited! Along our journey we've experienced births, deaths, and adventures big and small. 

With our new Chicago venture, my plan is to accept clients in the Chicago area September-May, with selected availability in the summers, and to accept clients in the San Francisco East Bay May-August with selected availability in the fall, winter, and spring. 

I’ve enjoyed photographing since my classmate talked me into a Sony alpha330 with a Minolta 50mm portrait lens back in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2012 after some major family health emergencies that I stopped just taking snapshots and began photographing deliberately and carefully with an eye toward capturing precious memories and the essence of my subject. My aim is to try to tell a story with each photograph - a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren; those fleeting moments when a newborn baby is impossibly tiny; the pride and love parents have for their graduating children. 

My hope and goal is to capture these moments for you and your families to treasure. 

kristen hazelton

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


I'm fully vaccinated (2 weeks post second shot) as of the beginning of May 2021

I will only photograph vaccinated clients indoors.

I photograph from a distance while wearing a mask.

COVID-19 Safety precautions


I have 3 published papers in the field of Plant Biology.

Overlooked Moments

Not just the lovely posed photos! I love candid shots.


Kauai and Maui are my favorites!

My Family

The best part of my day. :)

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