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Sure, You Could DIY it With Your Phone Camera

I mean, the new iPhone camera portrait mode is pretty great....

Behind the scenes phone shot

but let's be real.

Are you confident that DIY photo is going to look any good?

How many times have you set up a shot just have to someone looking the wrong way, or light that is completely unflattering? 

You're in luck, because I m here to help!

The shot Kristen got

"If I could give Kristen *more* than 5 stars, I would. I am blown away at the quality of photos we received from our session with her. They are gorgeous images that perfectly capture the personality of our family. "

— Jennifer


Portraits by Kristen Hazelton Photography

Quick, easy, comfortable, fun, and with absolutely gorgeous final images. You will love your experience and your photos!

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After booking I'll help with styling, locations, and making sure your photo dreams become reality!

Kind Words

I’ll never regret investing in family photos, especially when it’s stress free and they turn out so beautifully! Thank you, Kristen!

— Abbie

I have to say the price was extremely reasonable for photos of this quality.

-Chris' Mom

"Not only was the communication wonderful, the shoot was so much fun. She made me feel so comfortable and confident."

- Mackenzie


An expert at taking gorgeous photos and putting clients at ease.

I've been internationally published and featured for my senior and family photography, and I have 35+ raving 5-star Google reviews about my client experience. I'm also ridiculously friendly, I promise.


You’re someone who wants gorgeous photos and to be put at ease.

You want quality photos but you'd also like to have a comfortable experience - not one where you're internally counting down the minutes.

Don't worry, friend. No internal minute-counting on my watch. The pun was unintentional, and I'm laughing at myself now.

"Not only was the communication wonderful, the shoot was so much fun. She made me feel so comfortable and confident."

Class of 2022

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"Kristen Hazelton could quite literally charm a piece of cardboard and can capture even the most unwilling family member in a “keep forever” photo shot. (and yes, I speak from experience). Well worth every single penny."

- Gigi, @picklehillparties

"Well worth every single penny."