Glowy Family Portraits | Oak Park, IL

Two moms and their sons smiling for family photos at Scoville Park, Oak Park, IL

I loved meeting up for some morning family portraits in the heart of Oak Park!

I first met S and the boys about a year ago when we’d just moved to Oak Park and I was touched by how welcoming and friendly she was, especially at a time when we needed friendship the most! Between my job and my husband’s and the moving (2x in 3 months) and schooling and the pregnancy and the pandemic we haven’t ventured out much or met many friends…so when L reached out about doing some family portraits I was delighted to reconnect!

Two brothers looking dubiously at the camera

Aww! He put his arm around his brother totally unprompted, too!

Two moms and their sons sitting on steps Two moms standing side by side Black and white image of two moms hugging their two sons Two moms and their sons smiling for family photos at Scoville Park, Oak Park, IL

I love that morning glow! I was so glad the weather cooperated with us this morning!

Two little boys running toward the camera and smiling

Ah yes, the “Come at me, bro!” prompt. Haha! They were delighted to stop posing and start running!Two sons happily running around their moms in Oak Park, IL

L and S, I loved meeting up with you at Scoville Park! Thanks for choosing me for your family portrait needs and I hope we are able to spend (socially distanced) time together again soon!


Kristen Hazelton is a senior, family, and event photographer based out of Oak Park, IL and Sunol, CA. You can view her portfolio here, or inquire about your own photoshoot here!

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