Friends, we have reached July’s monthly blog. In September. Who’s counting?? Time’s totally topsy-turvy during the pandemic anyway. This is the month we became pretty sure her eyes would be blue like her Dad’s, she started to roll over, and demonstrated that she could grab toys, with toy #1 being Mom’s hair. Yes, I still […]

A smiling toddler and his baby sister

September 15, 2020

July 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

Welcome to June’s baby blog! This month the smiles continued, but more often than not at a bright light source rather than Mom. 🙁 The sleeping situation got even better, and the neck muscles slowly but surely got stronger. It’s fun having two little people in the house now! So many smiles!….largely for the ceiling […]

Happy two-month old baby

September 8, 2020

June 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

I loved meeting up for some morning family portraits in the heart of Oak Park! I first met S and the boys about a year ago when we’d just moved to Oak Park and I was touched by how welcoming and friendly she was, especially at a time when we needed friendship the most! Between […]

Two moms and their sons smiling for family photos at Scoville Park, Oak Park, IL

September 1, 2020

Glowy Family Portraits | Oak Park, IL


Welcome to my May 2020 family documentary journal entry as I attempt to blog each month of the first year of my daughter’s life as a baby book of sorts. Back in May we were still feeling all kinds of weird about shelter-in-place and coronavirus – it had not yet become quite as mundane as […]

Baby lying next to multi-colored blocks that read "one month"

August 28, 2020

May 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

What a delight it was to photograph this beautiful family in River Forest, IL! The two eldest kids are off to college this month so I’m glad we could fit in some quick family photography before they set off on their academic adventures this fall! Since moving to the Midwest we’ve gotten our share of […]

August 18, 2020

Sunny Family Photography | River Forest, IL


I realized that I straight up am neglecting to make a baby book for my daughter AT ALL (at least with my son I made an effort at a book which turned into an effort at a Google Doc which turned into… photos without context?) My goal is to get through her whole first year, […]

August 11, 2020

April 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

I’m excited to share some beautiful extended family portraits from last week’s River Forest photoshoot! River Forest is right next door to my town of Oak Park and isn’t it lovely? I love the large, beautiful trees in this town. Village? Township? I’m still learning the jargon of this part of Illinois. California doesn’t really […]

Extended family photo shoot in a street in River Forest, IL

July 20, 2020

River Forest, IL Extended Family Portraits

Extended Family, Family, Senior Portraits

Love this family! They are loving and lovely. Thanks for getting dolled up for a beautiful sunset portrait session amongst the grape vines! They were laughing while arranging themselves because they thought they looked like “mustard, ketchup, and two pieces of white bread!” Sibling sandwich! What beautiful, happy smiles. They made my job easy! Sisters! […]

Family photoshoot at golden hour in vineyards in Livermore, CA

July 11, 2019

Vineyard Family Portraits | Livermore, CA


On the second day of Liam’s graduation weekend we were lucky enough to have the clouds part for a gloriously sunny day. I gather that that sort of thing is pretty rare on the northern California coast. At Liam’s request we went to check out Fern Canyon, which is a gorgeous watershed very close to […]

Macro photography of curled fern pinna at Fern Canyon, Orick, CA

July 10, 2019

Graduation Celebration | Fern Canyon, Orick, CA

Family, Personal

In mid-May family members from across the west coast made the journey up to misty Arcata, CA to celebrate! Congratulations for graduating, and for all your hard work! So, short, ridiculous story time: unusual late-season rain was predicted for this weekend. I knew this. I checked the weather report and alerted the rest of the […]

Humboldt State University Graduate giving the peace sign

July 5, 2019

Rainy Humboldt State University Graduation and Celebration

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