What a delight it was to photograph this beautiful family! They are the first friends we made upon moving to Illinois last fall and they’ve been so kind and welcoming. Midwest weather is volatile and changes rapidly – I am so glad we lucked out with warm, SUNNY weather with a hint of fall foliage […]

Mother and father holding baby and toddler under a tree

October 19, 2020

Glowy Meadow Family Portraits | Oak Park Family Photographer | Riverside, IL


Who’s big stuff? It’s this small lady! She weighs in at 17 lb and is giving us an arm and shoulder workout daily. This month she’s become mobile in a big way by rolling and rolling and rolling, and is in full-blown admiration mode of her awesome big brother. 🙂 Rolled over after admiring her […]

Small boy and his baby sister smiling

October 13, 2020

September 2020 | Oak Park, IL Family Documentary Photography

Family, Personal

I really enjoyed this opportunity to take photos of my gorgeous red-headed friend; she asked if we could do portraits with her dogs, fancy champagne coupes, and playing her cello. Um…yes?! Enjoy these fun and quirky portraits with lots of personality; I sure enjoyed taking them! That little nose!! Cello jam session?! I love her […]

portrait of a redheaded woman with a nose ring

October 5, 2020

Puppy Portrait Photography | Oakland, CA


She’s four months old already! And with this post, I am finally caught up with my baby blog backlog (say that 3x fast) and…I’m sorry little dude, there are so many photos of your little sis and not as many of you this month. I’ll do better in September. 🙁 We are HUGE tea drinkers […]

Cheerful four month baby on a pink pillow

September 29, 2020

Family Documentary Photography | August 2020 | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

  Wow, what a fun senior portrait session this was!! This senior portrait photoshoot was a graduation present from her mom, as a “congratulations on graduating, and congratulations for heading on to nursing school!” We ultimately had to reschedule due to rain, and I am so glad we did – look at that gorgeous late […]

College senior sitting on a path at Cummings Square in River Forest, IL, gorgeously backlit

September 22, 2020

Late Summer Senior Portraits | River Forest, IL

Senior Portraits

Friends, we have reached July’s monthly blog. In September. Who’s counting?? Time’s totally topsy-turvy during the pandemic anyway. This is the month we became pretty sure her eyes would be blue like her Dad’s, she started to roll over, and demonstrated that she could grab toys, with toy #1 being Mom’s hair. Yes, I still […]

A smiling toddler and his baby sister

September 15, 2020

July 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

Welcome to June’s baby blog! This month the smiles continued, but more often than not at a bright light source rather than Mom. 🙁 The sleeping situation got even better, and the neck muscles slowly but surely got stronger. It’s fun having two little people in the house now! So many smiles!….largely for the ceiling […]

Happy two-month old baby

September 8, 2020

June 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

I loved meeting up for some morning family portraits in the heart of Oak Park! I first met S and the boys about a year ago when we’d just moved to Oak Park and I was touched by how welcoming and friendly she was, especially at a time when we needed friendship the most! Between […]

Two moms and their sons smiling for family photos at Scoville Park, Oak Park, IL

September 1, 2020

Glowy Family Portraits | Oak Park, IL


Welcome to my May 2020 family documentary journal entry as I attempt to blog each month of the first year of my daughter’s life as a baby book of sorts. Back in May we were still feeling all kinds of weird about shelter-in-place and coronavirus – it had not yet become quite as mundane as […]

Baby lying next to multi-colored blocks that read "one month"

August 28, 2020

May 2020 | Family Documentary Photography | Oak Park, IL

Family, Personal

I’m not supposed to have favorite senior portrait photoshoots, but this one is UP THERE, let me tell you! This fine fellow opted for my premium photoshoot with multiple locations and outfits and I loved the variety we were able to capture! Enjoy these beautiful high school senior portraits! It was an honor to be […]

Male high school senior portraits in between rows of grape vines

August 25, 2020

Sunset Vineyard Senior Portraits | East Bay, CA

Senior Portraits