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I’m excited (when am I not?) to share these gorgeous winter senior photos with you! You may remember Liliana from her lovely late summer senior portraits; I was so happy for the chance to meet up with her and photograph her again because she’s just so much fun! I think this expression is called “wry […]

March 16, 2021

Winter Senior Photos | Oak Park, IL

Illinois, Seniors, Winter

I’m so excited about my new #KHP Senior Model Rep Team! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it and wanted to just lay it all out here. Let’s start at the very beginning, though: What’s Senior Photography? Nope, it’s not portraits of people age 65+! It’s portraits taken of high school seniors, often […]

February 9, 2021

What’s a Senior Model Rep Team?

Education, Seniors

As I told this senior, even during the busy season I will MAKE time to do senior portrait photoshoots! I love being an Oak Park senior photographer – senior portraits are my favorite – I love getting to know seniors and getting to provide a tailored photography experience that showcases their interests and personalities! Representing […]

Senior portraits at Thatcher Woods in River Forest, IL

November 17, 2020

Oak Park Senior Photographer | River Forest, IL

Fall, Illinois, Seniors

Wow, what a fun senior portrait session this was! I loved capturing these Oak Park, IL senior photos! This photoshoot was a graduation present from her mom, as a “congratulations on graduating, and congratulations for heading on to nursing school!” We ultimately had to reschedule due to rain, and I am so glad we did […]

College senior sitting on a path at Cummings Square in River Forest, IL, gorgeously backlit

September 22, 2020

Oak Park, IL Senior Photos | Kristen Hazelton Photography

Illinois, Seniors, Summer

I’m not supposed to have favorite senior portrait photoshoots, but these Livermore senior photos are UP THERE, let me tell you! This fine fellow opted for my premium photoshoot with multiple locations and outfits and I loved the variety we were able to capture! Enjoy these beautiful high school senior portraits! It was an honor […]

Male high school senior portraits in between rows of grape vines

August 25, 2020

Livermore Senior Photos | Kristen Hazelton Photography

California, Seniors, Summer

Today I’m excited to share some beautiful extended family photos in River Forest, IL! River Forest is right next door to my town of Oak Park and isn’t it lovely? I love the large, beautiful trees in this town. Village? Township? I’m still learning the jargon of this part of Illinois. California doesn’t really use […]

Extended family photo shoot in a street in River Forest, IL

July 20, 2020

River Forest, IL Extended Family Photos

Extended Family, Family, Illinois, Seniors, Summer

I’m so excited to share with you a beautiful Melrose Park senior session! Angelique and I met at the Melrose Park Civic Center (with permission from the Village in This Time of COVID) to capture some gorgeous images of her to celebrate her high school graduation. She paid attention to detail, incorporating not just her […]

June 23, 2020

Chicago Senior Photographer | Fenwick High School

Illinois, Seniors, Summer

On the second day of Liam’s graduation weekend we were lucky enough to have the clouds part for a gloriously sunny day. I gather that that sort of thing is pretty rare on the northern California coast. At Liam’s request we went to check out Fern Canyon, which is a gorgeous watershed very close to […]

Macro photography of curled fern pinna at Fern Canyon, Orick, CA

July 10, 2019

Graduation Celebration | Fern Canyon, Orick, CA

California, Family, Graduations, Personal, Seniors, Spring

In mid-May family members from across the west coast made the journey up to Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA to celebrate, and I got to take the graduation photos! Congratulations for graduating, and for all your hard work! So, short, ridiculous story time: unusual late-season rain was predicted for this weekend. I knew this. […]

Humboldt State University Graduate giving the peace sign

July 5, 2019

Graduation Photos | Humboldt State 2019

California, Graduations, Personal, Seniors, Spring