Sunny Family Photography | River Forest, IL

What a delight it was to photograph this beautiful family in River Forest, IL! The two eldest kids are off to college this month so I’m glad we could fit in some quick family photography before they set off on their academic adventures this fall!

Since moving to the Midwest we’ve gotten our share of texts saying “severe thunderstorm” every month or so. The rain out here is so different than in California or in Washington – in Illinois, it’s cloudy, cloudier, cloudiest, then KABOOM, the skies open up and dump buckets for about 10 minutes and then the skies clear up like no storm ever happened. So when rain was predicted for our initial date and time we thought, “bummer! Wonder if we should continue anyway since it works with everyone’s schedules and it’s unlikely that 10 minutes of rain will actually happen during the session?” We ended up rescheduling anyway, and GOOD THING, because a crazy wind storm called a Derecho swept in from Nebraska through Chicago with 70-100mph winds and 13 tiny tornadoes touched down in Cook County.

Luckily, the weather for the rescheduled photoshoot was gorgeous!

Family of seven posing for a River Forest, IL family photoshoot

What a beautiful family!!

Family of seven hugging in close Family of seven walking

Family of seven looking at each other and laughing A collage with two sisters on the left, three brothers on the right

Love these sibling photos!

Family of seven posing for a photo Three brothers Family of seven posing for a family photoshoot Headshots of two sisters

Man and woman posing in a verdant area Mother and daughters at a River Forest, IL family photoshoot Father and sons posing for a photo Two sisters smiling

Father and sons smiling with arms around each other Husband and wife posing in a lush, green park Two sisters posing in a verdant setting Closeup shot of the eyes of two sisters

That Instagram eye shot! Aren’t they lovely?!

A family of seven posing with native midwest flowers Family of seven sitting on a sculpture for a family portrait Black and white photo of five teenage siblings Man and woman sitting on a scuplture White native midwest flower and pink echinacea

I had to sneak in some cool macro photos I took at the end of the shoot, too. 🙂

five siblings sitting in the sunshine Collage of portraits of two sisters Collage of portraits of two high school students Portrait of a college student

Teenage girl posing in the sunshine


Family Photography by Kristen Hazelton

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