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Family Documentary Photography | August 2020 | Oak Park, IL

Cheerful four month baby on a pink pillow
Hi, I'm Kristen!
I'm an award-winning senior portrait and family photographer based out of Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. I love sunshine, cacti, chocolate chips, and a great cup of tea - but most of all I love photographing joyful clients. :)
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Smiling four month old baby with painted blocks

She’s four months old already! And with this post, I am finally caught up with my baby blog backlog (say that 3x fast) and…I’m sorry little dude, there are so many photos of your little sis and not as many of you this month. I’ll do better in September. πŸ™
New tea to add to the collection, and the progressively full tea rack

We are HUGE tea drinkers in this household and in January of this year I discovered Whittard of Chelsea tea providers and there are very, very few teas they sell that we dislike. I made it a personal quest to give them All the Money this year (the grey boxes and colored tins are all from them), but let me tell you, we’re not going to coffee shops much right now, and it’s like having a Very Fancy Tea Shop in the corner of our kitchen. Here you can see August’s(!) acquisition, along with the beautification of the tea rack. Recommendations? I like fruity and floral black teas, and their Piccadilly, English Rose, and Covent Garden blends are fabulous.

Photographer Kristen Hazelton in a blue dress seated on a park bench in Oak Park, IL

My wonderful friend Carla of Pink Skies Photography took branding photos of me (for social media and my website)! We had such a fun time photographing together! I’ll share the photos I took of her soon.

Baby seated in a Bumbo, and the back of her head with lots of curls

My daughter’s curl game is STRONG.

Baby bunny in the backyard and man standing next to a 7 foot tall fiddle leaf fig

Baby bunny infestation of cute in the backyard (for now – there are no plants in the backyard we particularly value), and the DEAL OF THE CENTURY: $50 7 ft tall fiddle leaf figs from Costco!

Four month old baby chewing on a baby carrier and mom's neck

Chomping on the baby carrier and giving mom a hickey.

Father and son in a basement waiting out a storm, photos of fallen trees from the August 2020 Derecho

In mid-August our phones pinged with another “severe thunderstorm” alert. They’ve been happening all summer, about one every two weeks, and you get a bunch of wind, the neighbor’s tree loses a few branches, the woodchippers come the next day, the end. WELLLL, this was the first time the tornado sirens went off and we were like, “it isn’t the first Tuesday of the month at 10 AM (when they test the siren). GRAB THE KIDS NOW.” Apparently a crazy windstorm called a Derecho started up in Nebraska and decided to bring extreme gusts of wind (and tornadoes!) to Chicago. We went for a walk and found this scene. It was like this all over town!

macro photos of chocolate cookies decorated with flowers macro photos of chocolate cookies decorated with flowers

Beautiful housewarming cookies from my dear friend. Find her on Instagram! They were as delicious as they were beautiful.

four month old smiling up from a red quilt

Happy girl on a quilt made by her well-loved great-grandma. πŸ™‚

Supervising as Dad and I unpack toys from the cousins! I love that eyebrow raise in the first one, like, “ooh, what have we here?”

Cheerful four month old in a carseat Tired toddler sleeping on the floor under a blanket, and a pensive four month old seated in a Bumbo chair

Little dude was a bit tired out after a trip to the zoo with friends!

A baby papaya tree and one happy baby with a wide-mouthed smiled

We scored a baby papaya tree (YES IN CHICAGO) from the local gardening group!!

Cinderella thank you shoes

Fabulous shoes and a fabulous note from my wonderful photographer friend Carla!

Collage of a pensive and cheerful baby

When your wife is a photographer and she says the baby is dressed up and the light is good, you drop what you’re doing and go outside for photos. Or else. Haha!!

Cheerful four month baby on a pink pillow Cheerful four month baby on a pink pillow

Look at those curls!

Baby chewing on mom's arm, and big brother trying to soothe baby sister

Trying to eat my arm, as usual.

Her brother has a kind heart – when he sees her upset he comes over and tries to comfort her. Let it be known that I came over to save her right after documenting this!

Four month old baby in a baby carrier and Big brother comforting his baby sister

Three generations; grandmother, son, and granddaughter

Grandma (with COVID antibodies) came to visit! It was SO GOOD to see family after so long!

Grandmother and adult son laughing together Grandmother hugging her baby granddaughter and young grandson Grandmother playing with her four year old grandson Grandmother and grandson Grandma playing with her granddaughter and grandson Four year old boy playing with a felt board and letters First day of school photo for a preschooler

Headed back to small, in-person, socially distanced school this fall!

Happy, rested baby in a zip-up swaddle

We put her in zipper swaddles because she kept Houdini-ing her way out of the velcro ones, and YET, if we have her arms free, she’ll flail while sleeping, hit herself in the head, and wake herself up.

A toddler enjoying impromptu al fresco dining, and a baby with big hair curls

Impromptu al fresco dining. The table was bouncing the light into his eyes. πŸ™


Collage of a sleeping four month old baby and a four year old displaying a heart made out of legoes

CHEEKS, and, little guy made a duplo heart for mom. πŸ™‚

Man wearing glasses leaning forward and smiling

Love this guy. πŸ™‚

Happy four month old baby girl with a hedgehog stuffed animal

Got a soft hedgehog friend, Mom!

Friends, we are caught up!! Join me in two weeks for the September installment. πŸ™‚

Kristen Hazelton is an Oak Park, IL (Chicago, IL metro area) and Livermore, CA (San Francisco East Bay Area) senior, family, and engagement photographer. She occasionally photographs in San Diego, CA, Tucson, AZ, and Seattle, WA. You can inquire about your own photoshootΒ here!

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