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September 2020 | Oak Park, IL Family Documentary Photography

Small boy and his baby sister smiling
Hi, I'm Kristen!
I'm an award-winning senior portrait and family photographer based out of Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. I love sunshine, cacti, chocolate chips, and a great cup of tea - but most of all I love photographing joyful clients. :)
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Baby with blocks that read "Five months"

Who’s big stuff? It’s this small lady! She weighs in at 17 lb and is giving us an arm and shoulder workout daily. This month she’s become mobile in a big way by rolling and rolling and rolling, and is in full-blown admiration mode of her awesome big brother. 🙂

Happy five-month baby on a colorful quilt

Rolled over after admiring her “I Spy” quilt from a talented cousin!

Macro sunflower photography and Lensbaby photography

Playing around with creative shots with my friend Carla one evening at Lindberg Park! She let me borrow her Lensbaby for the cool blurred-out tilt-shift effect, and I let her borrow my macro lens. I’m really enjoying the time we’ve carved out for creativity together!

Small boy and baby in a tandem stroller, and small boy holding up letters "H" and "I"

New double stroller (SO much better than the two-stroller situation or one stroller plus walking/baby carrier) which facilitated some late-summer adventures…and little dude is starting to spell!

Mother and son wearing surgical masks at the Chicago Cloud Gate "Bean"

How ya bean? We got downtown for the first time on Labor Day weekend to celebrate some magnificent weather!

Father and son at the Chicago Riverwalk Father and son at the Chicago Riverwalk

After Millenium Park (with the Bean), we walked the Riverwalk! We had gorgeous weather…what a dreamy place this’d be for an engagement session! I loved the sharp contrast between natural (river, pontoon planters with native plants) and super urban.

Late summer bouquet with pink cosmos and white allium flowers

Beautiful surprise flowers from my friend Gigi of Pickle Hill Parties!

Sundried tomato scone and small boy giving thumbs up

The carbohydrate trend continued…I was sad to not make it Rare Bird’s Thursday mini-market (which is the only time they sell scones) so I made a sundried tomato and pesto sconezilla at home! Little guy liked it.

Bouquet of sunflowers and a small boy holding a bouquet of kale

Sunflowers from my sweet friend Carla, and a bouquet of another sort…first harvest from the garden – kale!

Smiling baby who has rolled onto her tummy in her crib

The baby got GOOD at rolling. If we put her down on the floor, say, at 5 am because she’s decided she’s up for the day, we MAY fall asleep next to her and then wake up to pathetic whines as she’s run into a wall or other impediment and needs to be rescued.

5-month old baby hugging Dad, and wrapped up in his sweatshirt Dramatic baby hair curls, and baby wrapped up in Dad's sweatshirt

The outrageous curl situation, and chewing on Dad’s sweatshirt while snuggled up with him.

Small boy and his baby sister smiling

Birthday present for ME from my son on his birthday! Snuggles with the baby!

Ocean themed decorated cookies and cupcakes Ocean-themed decorated cookies

Beautiful sweet treats for little dude’s birthday. Cookies from my dear friend Melissa, and cupcakes from Alissa Cake Design in Oak Park!

Photographer brushing crumbs off of a cookie with a paintbrush for a photoshoot, and holding out a happy baby in a cupcake sweatshirt

Behind the scenes shot of me cleaning away cookie crumbs with a paintbrush for its glamour shot.

Small boy opening a package of nutritional yeast, and playing at a playground

Little guy had his first birthday party with friends his age! We had a socially distanced meetup at a park. When opening gifts at home, he opened the wrong box by mistake and got a swanky present of 1 lb of nutritional yeast!

Small boy blowing bubbles with a bubble leaf blower. Lots of bubble bokeh. Small boy blowing bubbles with a bubble leaf blower. Lots of bubble bokeh.

One of the biggest gift hits was a bubble leaf blower! I had fun capturing some neat bokeh.

Baby chewing on a giraffe stuffed toy and watching brother play with sand Baby chewing on a giraffe stuffed toy and in a crib with a BIG curl Baby supervising a 5x scale garbage truck drawing, and playing with a toy saw

If you’ve been to our house in the past four years you’ll know that I make photo murals as a colorful and cheap way to decorate my son’s room – we’ve often lived far away from family and having their smiling faces around him and reminders of fun times is a really easy way to bring some cheer to a room. Plus, for a baby, it’s fun to say “can you find a photo of a purple flower? Now find grandma. Now find a palm tree!” Easy I-Spy. 🙂 So for this new house and new room and new obsession with garbage trucks, I decided to….take photos of garbage trucks, print them, then cut and arrange them in a rainbow gradient and stick to his wall. Here my daughter is supervising as I draw a 5x to scale garbage truck (there was a lot of measuring involved).

Small boy with a garbage truck mural made of photos of garbage trucks

He loves the final product!!

Baby chewing on a Brussels sprout and on a parsnip coin

Investigating a Brussels sprout and a parsnip coin while I cooked…

Baby chewing on an elephant lovey

We keep checking, but there is no evidence of teeth yet despite all this chewing!! We expect them any day now!!

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

Kristen Hazelton is an Oak Park, IL (Chicago, IL metro area) and Livermore, CA (San Francisco East Bay Area) senior, family, and engagement photographer. She occasionally photographs in San Diego, CA, Tucson, AZ, and Seattle, WA. You can inquire about your own photoshoot here!

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