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Snowfall Photoshoot | Oak Park, IL

Winter family photos in February in Illinois
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Snowfall photoshoot in February in Illinois

I’m excited to share this gorgeous SNOWFALL photoshoot with you!! I’ve been doing mini snow photoshoots starting mid-January, and this brave family wanted to do their winter photoshoot while significant snow flurries were coming down! We had a bit of snow to wade through to get to a pretty spot, but it was still pretty close to the parking lot (important for snow shoots)!

Winter Family Photoshoot

Family of five at a snowfall photoshoot
Snowfall photoshoot in Thatcher Woods, River Forest, IL

Snowfall Photoshoot in River Forest, IL

Dad and daughters at a Snowfall photoshoot
Family tickling daughter at a winter photoshoot

Kisses for the littlest sister!

Wife kissing husband in snowy woods

And Dad. 🙂

Smiling young girl in the snow
Family hugging at a Snowfall photoshoot

A snowing photoshoot leads to some unique challenges -namely, clients will get wet when the snow melts on them, and then get cold quickly. To get around this issue, be prepared to work quickly during a snowfall photoshoot! I went into this photoshoot with a plan of exactly where I wanted my clients to stand, coupled with the order in which I wanted to do poses and combinations of family members. Additionally, I brought a blanket that was waterproof on one side (thank you, Eddie Bauer!) in the event anyone got too cold and needed a photogenic blanket to wrap up in for a few final photos. Ultimately, we got the must-have photos, then I focused on the family members who were having the best time out in the snow. This allowed me to deliver a gallery filled with happy smiles. 🙂 In my experience, a snowfall photoshoot lasts about 20 minutes max before clients are ready to get back in the warm car! Luckily, I plan every winter family photoshoot near a parking lot for quick warm ups!

Snowfall photoshoot of five in Thatcher Woods, River Forest, IL

Just look at the beautiful snow-covered trees! A snowing photoshoot has some challenges to overcome, but the results are stunning!! What a perfect backdrop for this gorgeous family!

Mom and daughters at a Snowfall photoshoot

Winter Family Photo Colors

For really bright backgrounds with snow, I prefer soft pastel colors like this soft pink this family chose. The reason why is that it’s lower contrast than darker color shades! If this family had chosen darker colors their skin tones could have become really washed out. Soft colors are more flattering with a bright, snowy background!

This sweet shot of mom and her girls is my favorite! Beyond being a stunning family, the snowy backdrop, snow falling and making beautiful bokeh, and that soft light just makes for radiant portraits at their winter family photoshoot!

Mom and daughters at a snowfall photoshoot
Two sisters making hearts with their hands at a snowfall photoshoot

Aww, perfect shots for Valentine’s Day two weeks later! I told these sisters they were A+ snow fairy models! “What’s a model?” One of them asked, “It’s somebody so awesome at getting their photo taken that their job is to get their photo taken!” They were champs!

In February 2022 Lensational Magazine, an international photography magazine based out of London, contacted me! They asked me to submit this image for publication! I’m pleased to say this photo was published in their Valentine’s Day edition. 🙂

Smiling girl at a snowfall photoshoot
Two sisters in the snow hugging each other

Here’s what my clients had to say about their winter family photos!

Kristen is a rockstar. She somehow created beautiful images of my family in the worst snow storm Chicago had seen in 5 years! She also dealt with a crying baby, two crazy toddlers and over a foot of snow to capture some amazing images with grace and professionalism! I will cherish these pictures forever and will definitely use her again! Thank you Kristen!

Thanks so much for doing a snowfall photoshoot with me!! It was wonderful to meet you and I just love how your portraits turned out!

Kristen Hazelton is an Oak Park, IL (west Chicagoland) and Livermore, CA (San Francisco East Bay Area) senior, and family photographer. She occasionally photographs in San Diego, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, and Seattle, WA. You can inquire about your own photoshoot here!

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