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Kindergarten Graduation Photos

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Black and white portrait of a kindergarten graduate

Sharing today a very special senior photoshoot – my son’s kindergarten graduation photos! Not going to lie, he is a little nervous about the transition next fall to a different classroom and we’ve had lots of talks about how his same-age friends will still be with him, and how we’re sure he’ll have the opportunity to see his old teachers to say hi. I’m so glad for for him, from starting school as a tiny three-year old to seeing the changes in him now – he’s a much more confident kid who is eager to socialize! I know it’s “just kindergarten” but I’m so proud of how he’s grown. I hope more than anything he feels proud of himself, too.

Kindergarten Graduation Picture Ideas

Kindergarten graduate looking at the number on his tassel.

Adorable tiny cap and gown? Found here!

kindergarten graduate wearing graduation robes and throwing a cap in the air

It wasn’t all posed, smile for the camera – we incorporated fun action shots, too, same as I do for my high school and college senior photo sessions!

Kindergarten graduate wearing cap and gown and looking at his tassel.

Showing off his tassel with pride! We got lucky and had some absolutely beautiful viburnum blossoms blooming for these photos! I don’t see viburnum much in California (it is colossal in Washington!!), but it has a really lovely fragrance that reminds me of hyacinths.

Young boy holding up a graduation tassel next to his eye that reads 2022.

I love his proud smile, and I am also amused that you can absolutely see my reflection in his irises!

Kindergarten Graduation Photos in Oak Park, IL

Young boy seated under a white flowering tree, wearing a graduation cap

Then we shook things up by visiting a local park for the gorgeous crabapple blossoms! Winter’s cold stuck around into the beginning of May this year, then suddenly – summer! 90 degrees and sunny for a week which caused all the flowers to bloom at once! We were lucky to catch these beautiful blossoms, and lucky that they were all in full bloom at the same time. 🙂

Kindergarten senior portraits by Chicago photographer Kristen Hazelton

That black and white image is one of my favorites. Look at that sweet smile!! It’s no secret that I love color, but every so often there’s a photo that just calls out to be edited as a black and white image.

Kindergarten graduation photos of a young boy wearing robes and throwing his cap in the air

Look how high he threw that cap!! No, it didn’t get stuck in the tree! With a stick in hand I’m getting Harry Potter vibes from this session!

Young boy in graduation robes jumping off a rock

We had to shake up some of the more traditional posed photos with some fun action shots! Can’t get over the wizard vibes once he added in the stick! Slap a gryffindor scarf on this kid and call him Ron Weasley!! I love how these kindergarten graduation photos really capture the vibrancy of his personality at this age. I know it’s just a preschool graduation, but that doesn’t change that I’m proud of him, and I’m proud of my own growth as a mother over the last few years. Celebrate the little (and not so little) things, am I right?

spring Kindergarten graduation photos in Mills Park in Oak Park, IL

Two of my favorite images to end with! My husband very gently shook the crabapple tree to shower petals down on our son, and then I took a deliberately out-of-focus shot of our little guy walking away. He did it!!

When I pulled my son over to show him his portraits here’s what he said:

“Those are SO, SO COOL!”

High praise from a 5 year old! I’ll take it! 😀

Interested in some Kindergarten graduation photos for your own little one? Reach out! If the timing is not quite right, sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch. 🙂

Kristen Hazelton is an Oak Park, IL (West Chicagoland) and Livermore, CA (San Francisco East Bay Area) senior, and family photographer. She occasionally photographs in San Diego, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, and Seattle, WA. You can inquire about your own photoshoot here!

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